Jake’s Album Riddle Game: Batch 1

This is a total music nerd game. You have to solve the riddle to find out what artist and album by that artist I am referring to. The clues are done in the vein of Cryptic Crosswords, if you’re familiar with those. The first one should be easy, I hope. Good luck!

Hint: If it doesn’t seem to make since as a riddle, look hard at the letters…


1. These homosexual gamers tend to lament about car accidents in their local

2. It will be a frigid day in hell before I jump out of a plane without my saftey device!

3. They pulled a Whoopi Gholdberg whilst eating their vday presents and pizza toppings.

4. The orgins of the equation 4x + 84 = 1328 are absolutely unpredictable.

5. The metalman pondered his desires while playing with his miniture chess piece.

6. Originally, I was constructed to overflow, but from here on out I’ll never faulter.

7. They couldn’t find a steady rhythm so they just dropped it and moved on.

8. You can’t have those shaggy beasts in the capitol of Florida!

9. I’m feeling good while I measure the volume of my liberties.

10. summ old Plenbion…

11. How can they dream of paintings while they dig their trenches?

12. He found another path to personal happiness while initialing his toy gun.

13. Da Vinci drew these but never had the intent for emotion.

14. He rode with insane clydesdale in his monumental debut

15. ok aid, Die hard

16. I aborted the pony express to make my side project.

17. My firey mouth got me pinned gently onto a cork!!!

18. I may be bald but I still push the triangle.

19. These officers are into eccentric lightbulbs when they end with vikings.

20. I just got into nude cinematography that you can view in multiple theaters!

21. We claim to be Canadian and have cult breakdowns upstairs.

22. These ladies ruled rockhard but still had to be seventeen to watch adult movies.

23. Skinny slides won’t stop my forelegs!!!

24. I’m pretty similar to a Bohemie once a year.

25. Somebody can’t draw little men at this time of day.

25. Pencils are better when used upside down and with a constant wink.

26. Lake by code

27. Altering their weekend was an easiy fix to satisfy the ways of using a certain hallucenogen.

28. They wouldn’t let him on the USS Titanic and wouldn’t shut up about it either.

29. Friends of the 50′ have a organization of bad sportsmanship

30. ET’s bro advertises me while I hunt with Linked weapons.

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