Tom’s Album Riddle Game: Batch 1

This is a total music nerd game. You have to solve the riddle to find out what artist and album by that artist I am referring to. The clues are done in the vein of Cryptic Crosswords, if you’re familiar with those. The first one should be easy, I hope. Good luck!

Hint: If it doesn’t seem to make since as a riddle, look hard at the letters…

1. Mr. Limbaugh enjoys his palindromic years

2. A decade happening this fall

3. With Wonderball on vocals and guitar, this band is just a few cubic units short of emancipation

4. The last half of this former Yardbirds member likes to switch the first letter of each word of his first album to make a treat that Bill Cosby likes

5. You might see a mirage of these guys in the desert, and they want you where they’re at IMMEDIATELY

6. The global police are sick of your clowning around

7. This demon sure loves his lab work! And it was even his favorite subject in school!

8. (I had adore)d this band’s talent for quite some time, despite the excess amount of nitrogen in their blood

9. I don’t know how they got such heavy flying devices off the ground, but I hear they’re going to some pretty angelic dwellings

10. I think that insect’s got a six shooter!

11. He was always such a shy rodent, but he loved to study lunar cycles and the far south

12. I hear that Buddhists try to get to this state even when they’re in the womb

13. My kin’s plot in his third work is where he serves, minus a bill

14. If you see people running around with hammers during Halloween, with visions of a certain type of twins in their heads, it’s this band

15. Loot a salt rule

16. They flew rocky worship building straight to the center

17. The government in Britain recently made contact with the head of alien life

18. “I can shine, Linn… meet the chain party!”

19. April 22nd will prove that we have a sleeping disorder

20. I know it’s not your birthday, but eat this anyways… look! It has a styllish piece of chicken!

21. I love my old car, but I always ponder what will happen after this

22. Never revolve the eel!

23. Another former Yardbird member (this time, actually him) is having trouble moving his fist up to speed

24. This guy says there’s only space for certain four-sided polygons

25. A cultivated patch of audio have their vertical directions all mixed around

26. A vague prune…ew!

27. Direct a thin light gleam line.

28. Lie cold, Greed!

29. The hearse of that pretty girl went across a particular ocean

30. “I hear she left Wonderland and went straight to prison… and she even had a procedure done to her face!”

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