Tom’s Album Riddle Game: Batch 2

For rules, go to the Tom’s Album Riddle Game: Batch 1.

1. The first will be rowing on dairy

2. Cough, cough, you klutz!

3. Lu: Toot Wonder!

4. Most dome use isn’t limited to the east, but instead to where there are so many and yet so few people.

5. I bet those cranial FM frequencies get so obnoxious that they forget a lot of things

6. They built a sweet religion and decided to begin not changing

7. I’m thinking hard about exoneration

8. Trowt lives in the country

9. It sure isn’t 1849 anymore, so this early-aged guy can write his third solo album

10. Initially they’re a religious minority, but I think they can see ahead in time

11. “A four disc album?! Wow! I bet those guys need some chapstick!”

12. Hurry! They’re leaving paths of condensation!

13. The children started the engine

14. Look! He frowned later!

15. They attached Yellowstone to Yosemite and had a philosophy on combining plant genetics

16. The timbre gave them hearing loss as they got carpal tunnel on a specific weekend evening

17. “You dumb ape! You got the plural wrong!” Syd moaned.

18. Those golf fanatics’ first priority is definitely how many

19. “I won’t be able to hear it until you turn down the temp! My chromosomes are getting all itchy!”

20. These guys are kind of bothered by the multitude of curled hands they see

21. They move so fast that you can’t even see where they live, but I think it’s underneath the jungle gym

22. From the battle you might learn CPR, surgery, and other ways to prevent death

23. I, a mere gimp, in charge at the vein sale?

24. “Hey, come over here and check out these nocturnal scavengers!”

25. It’s chilly, but at least it’s not the year 774337 (call me!)

26. It must be tough for an ulna amputee to coat a chicken breast with flour

27. I would love it if those bite sized candies would come on stage again

28. “Aw, I thought they would be here! In the flesh! And quit chucking those pennies at me!”

29. Who goes in at gravy naming?

30. I was depressed, but not after that particularly warm performance

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