Album Review 390: Radiohead – In Rainbows

Jake: 100/100

Tom: 84/100

Overview: As huge Radiohead fans, this is an album that stirs a bit of disagreement between Jake and Tom. Jake thinks it’s probably Radiohead’s most well-executed album, especially concerning the lyrical themes, production, and overall songwriting. Tom recognizes these positive aspects, but feels that it lacks the engaging qualities that are present in Radiohead’s other work, such as edgy guitars and glitchy electronics. Despite these differences in opinion, both can agree that this is an impressive work that deserves the attention it’s gotten over the past four years.


Jake’s Track Picks: 

  • 7. Reckoner
  • 8. House Of Cards
  • 10. Videotape

Tom’s Track Picks: 

  • 1. 15 Step
  • 2. Bodysnatchers
  • 9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place



Album Review 271: Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

Jake: Highly Recommended, 96/100

Tom: Highly Recommended, 90/100

Overview: The King Of Limbs may be a tough pill to swallow due to the dense nature of the instrumentals and the electronics in the production, but it’s one hell of a rewarding listen when you give it a chance. Radiohead’s ideas are as fresh as ever, and they prove on this album that they don’t plan on repeating themselves. This isn’t to say that it’s a purely original sound– you may have heard similar things from Flying Lotus or Thom Yorke’s solo work– however, the difference is that the rest of the band and the songwriting itself (once you can recognize it) is still able to shine. The only slight downfall of The King Of Limbs is that it’s pretty short. The fact that they still had time to play with and didn’t add a bit more variety through one or two more tracks is a bit disappointing, but it’s still one hell of a good and intriguing listen.

Recommended Similar Artists: Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Caribou

Jake’s Track Picks: 

  • 5. Lotus Flower
  • 6. Codex
  • 7. Give Up The Ghost
  • 8. Separator

Tom’s Track Picks: 

  • 6. Codex
  • 7. Give Up The Ghost
  • 8. Separator



Alubm Review 29: Radiohead – Kid A

Jake: Highly Recommended, 100/100

Tom: Highly Recommended, 100/100

Overview: This is Jake and Tom’s mutual second favorite album of all time. That being said, there is a lot of personal bias going on here. But aside from personal bias, “Kid A” is a sonic masterpiece. After the hype that they got with 1997′s “OK Computer,” Radiohead decided to completely trash their old sound and go with a dark, ambient, more electronic sound. The lyrics were mostly pulled out of a hat, and the instrumentals blend sweeping atmospheric moods with glitchy beats and vocal loops. Radiohead showed with this album that while they have a few of the best guitarists out there, they don’t rely on the typical rock setup to make a great album.

Recommended Similar Artists: Sigur Ros, Blur, The Flaming Lips, Talking Heads

Kid A

Jake’s Track Picks: 

  • 1. Everything In Its Right Place
  • 4. How To Disappear Completely
  • 6. Optimistic
  • 7. Idioteque

Tom’s Track Picks: 

  • 1. Everything In Its Right Place
  • 8. Idioteque
  • Hanz
    #1 written by Hanz  5 years ago

    Hey guys, I just discovered your series last night and I think that this is a very cool thing you’re doing. Im glad to see that there are dedicated music fans like myself.
    Where I live almost no one shares my love for music, so my musical taste is very self developed. But it makes me happy that when I hear your opinions on an album that I love I find myself nodding all the time. I don’t know, its very cool to know that it isn’t just me that listens what I listen to on In Rainbows or in Master of Puppets (two of my favorite albums). I wish you guys success.

    I hope In Rainbows clicks to you, Tom. Like you, I thought it was boring and that it dragged a little. Now, I think it is the best Radiohead album. For some reason it just clicked in me, but not after coming back to it several times after a long time. Just the way it was for Amnesiac (which I used to think was their worst now I think it is terribly overrated) and other of my favorite albums like Funeral or The Dark Side of the Moon.

    • VIMTV
      #2 written by VIMTV  5 years ago

      Thanks a lot, we’re really glad that you enjoy what we’re doing, it means a lot.

      Your two favorite albums are In Rainbows and Master of Puppets?!?!? Sounds like we would get along…

      I also hope that In Rainbows will click with me someday (this is Tom, by the way). It has yet to happen, but I still find myself in awe of the musicianship on it.

      Thanks again and feel free to leave a comment anytime! It’s too bad that not too many people in your area are as into music as you, I can imagine that must be frustrating.

  • Jeremy
    #3 written by Jeremy  5 years ago

    You guys made really good points on this album. Kid A is that album where no matter what mood I’m in, I’ll always enjoy it. Once, I was on a bus to Belgium listening to Kid A. The scenery and the album combined to make something so emotional I felt like crying. Yeah, It’s that powerful. Thanks for making this review, guys.

    • VIMTV
      #4 written by VIMTV  5 years ago

      Man, we know what you mean!!! This is hands-down one of the best albums ever written!!!

  • Jacob
    #5 written by Jacob  5 years ago

    So what do you guys think of Radiohead’s more guitar-driven albums, such as The Bends or OK Computer?

    • VIMTV
      #6 written by VIMTV  5 years ago

      We love ‘em. We love pretty much everything this band has done, coincidentally.

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